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Core packages

Luxury property, beachside apartments  with beautiful blue skies, palm trees with gardens and sea and beach views. Holiday property in Spain on the Costa del sol.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We craft engaging email campaigns customized for your audience, providing value to your prospects. By staying top of mind, our campaigns make it effortless for customers to choose the realtor who truly cares about them when the time comes.

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Content Marketing Strategy

Developing content strategies that drive conversions and engagement. Todays market is different and demands different content. Phone footage is the new gold standard and relatibility is the way to cut through all the noise.

Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral Church in Katajanokka district of the Old Town at summer evening, Helsinki, Finland. View from Meritullintori Street

Lead generation

Our lead generation strategy stands out because it doesn't feel like a sales pitch. It's all about providing value. In exchange for their contact information, we offer professional insights on various relevant topics, ensuring a high volume of leads without the typical sales pressure.

We also

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Plan all of the content

In order to minimize the time you spend on thinking about marketing we create evertything from strategy to video scripts.

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It is important that the marketing focuses on things that are relevant at the moment. You don't ever need to think about any topics ideas because we got it.

Why making video content is the KEY

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It helps the audience connect to you

When your market gets to know you before taking any action it's way easier for them to approach you instead of some random agent in a big company that they don't trust.

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Build trust

When people are selling their largest asset they will rather work with someone who they trust. Doing video content is the only real way to do it besides networking and talking to people face to face.

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Nearly nobody still does it

Many realtors struggle to create consistent video content, often due to fear or laziness. Fortunately, we're here to take care of everything for you. From content ideas to scripts, we ensure that all you need to do is pick up the phone and start talking. Don't let fear hinder your success.

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